WhatsApp Plus Old Version Download for Android Anti-Ban (Official)

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According to social media, the world is progressing very fast, people always want something new to use all the time and some people want something old, in this era, the rest of the applications are also getting tired but Talking about WhatsApp, is the most liked application in the world due to which every person feels very safe. WhatsApp is the only application that every person can use with very good features. allows, But we are not talking about a normal WhatsApp, “Yes” We are talking about WhatsApp Plus Old Version, which is very different and much more amazing than the normal WhatsApp. Today we are going to tell you about this only.

Actually, official WhatsApp is also much better than chatting, but due to it not having many features and themes, every person starts getting bored with it soon and is always looking for something new, so we are giving you WhatsApp Plus Old Version. We are telling you about it so that you can also know about it and use it. There is a lot of difference between normal WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus,

which you will get to know through this article and you can also think about which one you want to use. Today WhatsApp is the most used messaging program. Millions of people around the world use it to stay in touch with their loved ones. However, there are now additional options available, including WhatsApp Plus Old Version, which has more attractive features that give your WhatsApp Plus Old Version a new and sleeker look that makes it even more attractive.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

A piece of Android software called WhatsApp Plus Old Version extends the capabilities of the standard WhatsApp application. For example, by adding new typefaces or themes, you can drastically change how you feel about the experience. Along with this, you also get many features in it which will make you enjoy using your WhatsApp a lot. However, it also has some disadvantages. For one thing, it’s not an official app. Google Play Store does not offer downloads for it. The APK file requires manual download and installation.

Due to the possibility of information being stolen or the device being damaged, you need to make sure you get it from a trusted source. But this is not so easy, if you use it wisely then this does not happen. Now we are going to tell you some special things about WhatsApp Plus Old Version, like what new features you will get to see in it and what changes you can make in it as per your choice. To get even more information, stay with our article till the end so that you can get to know a lot more information about it.

WhatsApp Plus Old Version Information

AppWhatsApp Plus
VersionOld Version
Size56 MB
Last UpdatedFebruary 2024
LanguageMulti-Language Support
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.3 & Above
File TypeMOD APK
CommunicationSocial Media

Amazing Features of WhatsApp Plus Old Version

  • Extra visual Amazing themes:- In WhatsApp Plus Old Version, you get a package of many themes, in which there is one great theme, using which you can make your WhatsApp very wonderful, and along with using its theme, you can also add something as per your choice in it. Can also change.
  • Create Unlimited Contacts of Groups:- Most people use normal WhatsApp in which when they create a group, only a limited number of people can join it, but in WhatsApp Plus Old Version, you can have long conversations without dividing friends or family into different groups or chats. To handle this, users of WhatsApp Plus software can create an infinite number of groups.
  • Hide Your Last Seen Option:- This is the most special feature of this WhatsApp in which you can hide/freeze your last seen. This means that when you do not want to show anyone that you are online at the moment, then you can turn it off, this is one advantage. This also means that whenever you close your last scene, your last scene will always be shown at the same time when you closed it.
  • Auto-reply and schedule messages:- Additional communication features available in WhatsApp Plus With a configurable message and a timer for when it should activate, users can set up an auto-reply message for those times when they are unable to respond. . This function can be useful for letting others know when you are unavailable.
  • All Hiding Option:- Using WhatsApp Plus Old Version also has its own fun, in this you can change anything as per your choice, the most special feature that people like in it is that in this you can save your last seen, online status, typing, recording. , blue tick, second tick, along with many other things that you can turn off at any time. Due to which no one will be able to know whether you are online at this time or not or whether you have even seen someone’s message at this time or not.
Amazing Features of WhatsApp Plus Old Version
Amazing Features of WhatsApp Plus Old Version

Advance Privacy of WhatsApp Plus Old Version

  • Change the appearance and settings of everything:- In this feature of WhatsApp Plus Old Version, you also get a facility in which you can also change your settings and appearance such as 1-Size, colors, and chat image header, 2- Size of contacts’ header and image. , 3-The look and dimensions of pop-up notices, 4-The voice notes and animation functions are deactivated, 5-Colours and sizes of widgets, 6-Colour of the launcher icon
  • Anti-Ban System:- Many users are concerned about the risk of their accounts getting banned, rest assured that WhatsApp Plus is completely ban-proof. The developers have implemented strong anti-ban protection with an extra layer of security to protect your account so you don’t have to worry about your WhatsApp getting banned. WhatsApp Plus has made it completely anti-ban.
  • DIsable Forward Tag:- Upgrade to WhatsApp Plus Old Version and send messages like a pro Are you tired of the ‘Forwarded’ tag giving away your secrets? With WhatsApp Plus, you have the power to hide that tag on your forwarded messages. Your receiver will never know it was forwarded.
  • Anti View Once:- Do you know that in WhatsApp Plus Old Version you can no longer take screenshots of one-time media? WhatsApp Plus has got you covered once again with its amazing anti-view feature. Unlock the power of watching one-time media unlimited times, and guess what? You can even save it directly to your gallery!
  • Whatsapp Plus Security Lock:- Most of the people who use normal WhatsApp are worried that no one will check their WhatsApp because it does not have any lock of its own, but in WhatsApp Plus Old Version you get its own lock which you can use very easily. You can use it easily and it is also very safe so that no one will be able to check your WhatsApp. On the basis of WhatsApp lock, you get fingerprint, pattern, and PIN.

Home Screen Customization

WhatsApp Plus Old Version has a variety of home screen features that enhance its appearance and make it more attractive. In this section, you have the ability to customize headers, footers, tabs, rows, and more, allowing you to personalize the app according to your preferences. Furthermore, WhatsApp Plus also provides the option to modify the header.

Chat Screen Customization

Customizing the chat screen on WhatsApp Plus Old Version is a delightful experience as it allows you to tailor the app’s chat screen to your personal tastes. You have the freedom to change various elements, such as tick style, action bar, emoji, themes, links, and more, which adds a touch of uniqueness to your messaging interface.

Difference Between Whatsapp Plus and Official Whatsapp

FeatureWhatsapp PlusOfficial Whatsapp
Fully Customize Screen✔️Cross Mark
Advance Security Lock✔️Cross Mark
Anti-Delete Status/Messages✔️Cross Mark
Disable/Customize Calling✔️Cross Mark
Disable Forwarded Tag✔️Cross Mark
Freeze Last Seen✔️Cross Mark
DND Mode✔️Cross Mark
Themes ✔️Cross Mark
Add Custom Fonts/Stickers✔️Cross Mark
Airplane Mode✔️Cross Mark
Download profile picture✔️Cross Mark
Update notifications Icon✔️Cross Mark
Change Logo Icon✔️Cross Mark
Change chat colour✔️Cross Mark
Ghost Mode✔️Cross Mark
View Status without Showing✔️Cross Mark
Send lots of media files✔️Cross Mark
Multi-Language Support✔️Cross Mark
Always Online Showing✔️Cross Mark
Enhanced security✔️Cross Mark

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus on Android?

In the above information, we have told you some special things about WhatsApp Plus Old Version, such as what things you can see in it and how you can use them, now we will tell you the download process of WhatsApp Plus . We are going to tell you about it, which you should read very carefully so that you can know properly about it and how you have to download and install it. If you want to download a great version of WhatsApp Plus , then follow us step by step so that you can download this application very easily and also know its use well.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus on Android?
How to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus on Android?

Before its download process, let us tell you that this application is a third party application which you will not find on Play Store, you can download it only from Google Chrome, but you do not need to worry too much, you can download it from our website. You can download it from the website very easily. Just follow the information given below.

  1. To download WhatsApp Plus Old Version, first of all you have to click on the button given above, upon clicking your application will start downloading.
  2. You’ll need to enable installing from unknown sources on your phone once the app is downloaded, to do this go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and toggle the switch to enable it. Only then your application will be installed.
  3. Once you open the unknown source, you have to click on your downloaded WhatsApp file and install it.
  4. When your application is installed, it will appear on your phone screen, then you have to open it. After opening it, it will ask you to select your language.
  5. After choosing your language, when you proceed further, an interface will open where it will ask you to verify your phone number. You have to enter your number.
  6. After entering the number, you will get an OTP, you have to verify that OTP, once the OTP is verified, you have to proceed with the process in which it will ask for your name.
  7. If you have entered your name then move it forward, after doing this, now your WhatsApp Plus Old Version is ready to use, now you can chat with it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que- Is it safe to install WhatsApp Plus?

Ans- Yes, this app is fully safe and secure. In fact, WhatsApp Plus is designed to enhance your privacy and security. However, please remember to download WhatsApp Plus from a trusted source to ensure protection against malware and virus attacks. On our website, we have tested it on over 100+ devices to guarantee its safety and security. Only after thoroughly checking the app, we uploaded it to our website.

Que- Is Whatsapp Plus available on Play Store?

Ans- No, this app is not available on the Play Store. It is a modified version of WhatsApp and does not comply with the Play Store’s guidelines. As a result, you won’t find this app listed on the Play Store.

Que- Is Whatsapp Plus Available for iPhone?

Ans- No, this app only works on Android. As far as I know, iOS does not allow its users to install any applications outside of the App Store. That’s why it is not possible to download WhatsApp Plus on an iPhone.

Que- Would it be possible to install WhatsApp Plus without verification?

Ans- Play Protect is the main prototype of the Google Play Store, which basically checks Android apps before installation for violations or bugs. WhatsApp Plus can bypass it on most devices, but still, if you’re unable to install it, then turn off the Play Protect first from the Google Play Store settings.


In this article, we have given you more detailed information about WhatsApp Plus Old Version, in which we have told you how you can download it, and what features you can see in it. There are a lot of settings to play with, so it is a difficult program to use and will take some time to get used to. Finally, if you are willing to take the risk, WhatsApp Plus is an app that offers you a variety of options.

The WhatsApp Plus app essentially provides basic WhatsApp functionalities. The ability to share videos and upload images in their original resolution are both attractive features. In the original WhatsApp Plus, you can use the function to hide last seen for specific contacts as this is useful when you don’t want to reply to someone’s text.

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