FM WhatsApp Old Version Download for Android Anti-Ban (All Versions)

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FM Whatsapp Old Version is an app developed and edited by Fouad It is one of the first modified applications that played a leading role in adding the most important features. FM WhatsApp Old Version has gone through many stages, as its properties and features have been developed after each update released. It is also considered completely safe and does not pose any threat to the user. You might have searched a lot for the latest version of the application, but some sites also have older versions. So, you will not face any difficulty in updating the app with us,

Many users have needs and customizations that the original WhatsApp does not provide. So some developers picked up these needs and added them in this modified version. The latest version of FM Whatsapp Old Version offers the ability to view other people’s messages without a read confirmation prompt, and interestingly, it only appears when you respond. Sending large files, customizing appearance, turning off the internet for app, counter deletion And the ability to send messages to a number that is not registered with you is also possible.

FM Whatsapp Old Version is a one to one communication app. This is a third-party app. Moreover it is widely in use nowadays. It has great features which make it different from other apps, through which this app starts looking more amazing, it has so many amazing features and privacy that you are going to have a lot of fun in using it and also let us tell you that You will get this app only on Google Chrome but you can download it from our website so that you will not have to face any kind of problem.

App NameFM WhatsApp / FMWA
VersionOld Version
Size35.11 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.0 & Above
Last UpdatedFebruary, 2024
DeveloperFouad Mokdad
CostFree Of Cost

Now we are going to tell you which features you can see in FM Whatsapp Old Version and what benefits you will get from them, to know more information from this, stay with our article till the end so that you can know more information about it. meet.

List Of All Amazing Privacy

  • Fully Customisable : Customization is the main feature of FM Whatsapp Old Version, this feature allows you to customize this app as per your wish. All the necessary customization settings are there to make it as unique as you want. You can easily customize its home screen, chat screen, color layout, and more.
  • More Privacy Options : FM Whatsapp Old Version gives you many secret privacy through which you can make your WhatsApp much safer and there will be no need to worry about WhatsApp, in this you can hide your blue tick, become invisible without being offline. You can access all the security features and even more privacy benefits in one place.
  • App Lock : AppLock is very important to make your WhatsApp safe from others which you get in FM Whatsapp Old Version. But did you know that many third-party app lockers are not functional? Developers have created in-build app lock. This app lock works best in its own place, taking your security to the next level.
  • Freeze Your Last Scene : Sometimes people using WhatsApp think that they should not be seen online even when they are online, so this feature takes care of it and gives you the facility to hide your last seen from others. This feature is present in the official version, but if you turn off Last Seen, you will not be able to see the Last Seen of other people.
  • Anti-View Once : Here you get another feature which is only available in FM Whatsapp Old Version Old Versio for Android. This feature lets users send a one-time image or video. It disappears after the receiver sees it. This is excellent if you only want a message to be seen once.
  • Set Who Can Call Me : This privacy is considered to be the most special privacy in which you can set who can call you on WhatsApp and who cannot. If you block someone from calling you, no one will be able to call you on FM WhatsApp. Remember that you have to manually remove the contact from the list. Otherwise, you will not receive any calls from that contact.

List Of All Special Features

  • Send Images in Full-resolution : Here is a great feature that lets you send images in high quality Official WhatsApp compresses your image but with the help of FM Whatsapp Old Version you can send messages without reducing the picture quality.
  • Auto Translate Messages : If you talk to people who speak different languages, FM WhatsApp can make your work much easier. Now there is a direct translation feature inside FM Whatsapp Old Version APK, which you can use to translate messages from any language to your desired language.
  • Freezing of Last Seen : FM WhatsApp lets you see the Last Seen status of others, even if you hide your Last Seen from others, and they cannot see your Last Seen. You can monitor other people’s activities, but they cannot do the same to you. This unique advantage is only for the users of FM WhatsApp APK app.
  • Emoji Variety : In FM Whatsapp Old Version, you have many options to choose from like One v3, Android O emoji, Facebook emoji and many other emoji which will make you feel cool while using it. To enjoy using this amazing feature.
  • Hide Typing, Recording Action Text : In normal WhatsApp, whenever you send a message to someone, your typing status is continuously visible but in FM WhatsApp Old Version this does not happen. FMWhatsApp provides you the facility to hide the typing or recording action text. Now relax and answer comfortably when you have time.
  • Custom Themes
  • Exclusive Feature/Time Saving
  • Enhanced Limit
  • Anti-Delete Story/Status
  • Hide View Story/Status
  • Hide Delivered ticks/Blue Ticks
  • Option to Hide Typing and Recording Action Text
  • Increased Media-Sharing Limit
  • Emoji Variety
  • Freezing of Last Seen
  • Feature of Disabling Forwarded Tag on Messages
  • Feature to choose who can call you
There are many privacy settings so no one knows when you are using the app.It is impossible to know whether our data will fall into the hands of third parties.
A new security feature that restricts access to your conversations.We should need to reinstall the app if they ban our WhatsApp account.
Customizing the interface goes far beyond the official app.Updates always need to catch up with official app updates.
When someone sends you a message by mistake, the message/delete mode is disabled. It will remain on your phone until you delete it.Late updates could leave critical security aspects unprotected.
If you turn on Airplane Mode or DND Mode, you can use your phone without WhatsApp messages.Since Facebook does not maintain the app, updating FM WhatsApp may take some time.
Custom themes give this app an amazing look.This version of WhatsApp is not official, so there are security risks. The developer can read messages that are not encrypted. 
You can share many files with one click.You have to use the application as it is and cannot report bugs.
Pros and Cons of FM WhatsApp APK Download
Pros and Cons of FM WhatsApp APK Download
FeatureBlack WhatsAppOfficial Whstapp
Send maximum pictures✔️
Anti delete messages✔️
Auto reply✔️
Download status✔️
Hide typing status✔️
Send image Best quality✔️
DnD Mod✔️
Hide read receipts✔️
Enhanced Privacy✔️
Filter messages✔️
Hide your online presence✔️
Schedule messages✔️
Customizable settings✔️
Freeze last seen✔️
Hide blue tick✔️
Hide Last Seen✔️
Marked as unread✔️
Option to hide message delivered✔️
Personal Lock✔️
Advance Themes✔️
Ability to share large files✔️

Above we have told you about the features of FM Whatsapp Old Version and its privacy, now we will tell you how and from where you can download and install FM Whatsapp Old Version, along with this let us first tell you that There is a third party application which is not available on your Google Play Store, you can download it from our website.

  • Click on the Download button above- Scroll up or click here to go to the download page of FMWhatsApp APK.
  • Enable Installation from Unknown Sources- Android phones, by default, can’t install apps other than Google Play Store. Since we are downloading FM WhatsApp from the developers’ site, we will need to enable ‘Installation From Unknown Sources’ first.
  • Go to Settings> Security and Enable the unknown installation toggle to do that. After this, you can download any APK and install it on your Android device.
  • Install FM WhatsApp- Now that we have enabled installation from third parties let’s install FM WhatsApp itself. To do this, go to your download folder where you have downloaded the FMWhatsApp APK latest version. Tap on it and tap on Install. Wait for a while and the app will be installed on your phone.
  • Register Your Phone Number and enjoy the remarkable features- Again, just as you would register your number on official WhatsApp, you must do the same here. Put your phone number, enter your name, and do. Now you are ready to take advantage of all the excellent features of FM WhatsApp for Android.
How to Download & Install FM WhatsApp APK on Android?
How to Download & Install FM WhatsApp APK on Android?

How can I install my FM WhatsApp?

You can do this by going to WhatsApp settings > Chats > Chat backup. Uninstall WhatsApp: To install FM WhatsApp, you’ll need to uninstall the official WhatsApp from your device

Is FM WhatsApp better than GB WhatsApp?

However, security procedures are different. FM WhatsApp emphasizes privacy by allowing users to hide their online status, blue ticks, and more. On the other hand, GB WhatsApp has a strong focus on app-lock features, adding an extra layer of security to your chats.

Is FM WhatsApp fake or real?

If you are referring to the fake app “FMWhatsApp” then that is indeed harmful and if you have installed it, you would be wise to remove it immediately.

Who is the owner of FMWhatsApp?

FoudMakkad is the real owner of this WhatsApp.

Which app is better than GB WhatsApp?

OGWhatsApp can be best for you. You can also try this from here.

If you are bored of the traditional WhatsApp experience, this FM Whatsapp Old Version is perfect. It has many customization options, advanced security features and many other features to improve your messaging experience, using which you will feel very good and you will like its features very much, that is why people love WhatsApp so much. Likes. FM Whatsapp Old Version provides you with a more personalized and flexible messaging platform. It is important to use it more responsibly and download it from trusted and reliable sources because it is a third-party application which can be easily hacked by hackers so you have to use it very carefully so that you do not face any trouble. Had to do.

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