FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download for Android Anti-Ban Official (Old Versions)

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Are you looking for a great version of FM WhatsApp? So in this guide, we will provide you with all the necessary information for FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download. You should read very carefully and understand it properly so that you can understand everything about it clearly. We are in a modern world where technology is increasing day by day. There are many mobile communication apps available but about 80% of people use WhatsApp for their messaging and social communication. Many people want more features on their WhatsApp to improve their WhatsApp messaging and other communication experiences.

they want more features and privacy on their WhatsApp to make their conversations more reliable and secure. So now you don’t need to search much, now you FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download and enjoy its great features and its extra privacy. FM WhatsApp is the modified version of Normal WhatsApp which comes with many advanced features to meet the user needs. It has many privacy features which help in making your WhatsApp more private and you can customize all the privacy features as per your needs. This is a third-party application that is developed by a third-party developer with the help of developer source code to modify the original WhatsApp.

So developers add some new advanced features in FM WhatsApp which are not available in official WhatsApp. This is the reason why the demand for FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download is very high among people. Your FM WhatsApp has all new latest features that cannot be provided by official WhatsApp so it is the best mod version for those users who want additional modifications to their WhatsApp. You can also use GB WhatsApp as it has the same features, there is not much difference between the two but the feature is what makes both of them a little different, at the moment it depends on your mood and what you have to do.

FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download Information

App NameFM WhatsApp
Size49.90 MB
File typeMOD APK
CategorySocial Media
Operating SystemAndroid
Android RequirementsOS 4.1 and Above
PriceFree Of Cost
FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download Information

Advanced Features of FM WhatsApp

Above we have given you a lot of information about FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download, in which we have told you about some of its special information, now we will tell you about FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download information along with some of its special features and its advanced privacy. We are going to tell you what helps you in using WhatsApp and only through these great features, we can keep our WhatsApp safe to a great extent. Read further about some of its amazing features

  • Fully Customizable;-WhatsApp FM has many customization options to customize your WhatsApp messaging app as per your desired needs. You can design your WhatsApp as per your wish, you have many options like you can change the color, theme, wallpaper, and font as well as many other features that help you to make your WhatsApp unique and different from others. After doing this, you can give a different avatar to your WhatsApp, which makes it look more attractive.
  • App Lock:- FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download gives you the best app lock for your security and privacy which is from the application itself, now you do not need to install other app locker applications for your WhatsApp security. Now this WhatsApp mod has different types of security in which you can create password lock, pattern lock, pin lock, and fingerprint lock. You can use one of the options from there to make your personal WhatsApp secure so that you will not have to worry about your personal WhatsApp.
  • iOS Emojis Pack:-As you know emojis are very important to chat and express your emotions in messages, so FMWhatsApp has a wide range of new emojis in which you will have the best collection of iOS emojis that are not in the official WhatsApp. In this pack, you get many emojis that you can send according to your feelings, and whoever you send that emoji to will be surprised to see it, and you will also feel very cool.
  • Share media quality:- When you share media files with your friends or family through your WhatsApp messenger, you have to send your file in document format but still, it does not remain in its original quality. Official WhatsApp has this bad feature which reduces the quality of media files. But this mod WhatsApp gives you the same quality file as you send. If you send a high-quality file, the recipient receives the same quality media files.
You also get some great privacy and advanced features in this WhatsApp.
You also get some great privacy and advanced features in this WhatsApp.

Some Hidden Features & Privacy

There is a special feature in the feature of FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download in which you can hide your status or typing and along with this there are many other things that you can hide from others, so know further which are the hiding features in it. Is from.

Some Hiding features & privacy
Some Hiding features & privacy
  • Hide online status:-Normal WhatsApp is fine at the moment but there are some ESI privacy issues in which it lags far behind. But in FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download you can hide your online status so that no one can see whether you are online or not and you can still see the online status of others because this feature is not available in the official WhatsApp. This is the reason why people like to choose MOD Apk only.
  • Hide blue tick:- Every person wants to be safe to a great extent while using WhatsApp and other people should not be able to see whether you are online at the moment or not or whether you are typing to someone or not, then all these facilities are available to you only and only. FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download is available only for download. Yes, you can also hide the blue tick in it, so that you will see the message sometimes but it will not know whether you have seen that message or not.
  • Hide typing status:- When you are typing a message, your typing status is visible in all your contacts’ chats. To avoid this, we are asking you to FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download, in this WhatsApp you also get a facility like this. You can hide your typing system in it so that no one will know whether you are typing at the moment or not. Through this privacy, you also remain very safe.
  • Hide recording status:- In official WhatsApp, when you send a voice recording to someone, it becomes clear in that WhatsApp that you have sent them some recording, but in FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download, you remain completely tension-free from this thing, no one knows about it. Know what work you are doing at what time, and you can even turn off your status view, there are more features like these in this WhatsApp which you will know only after downloading, so you must download it once. Do.

Additional Features

  • New Funny Emojis added
  • Multi-Language
  • Compatible with stickers and emojis
  • Multiple icons
  • Remove Forwarded Tag from Messages
  • Share high-quality images and videos
  • Attractive Fonts
  • Dozens of customization elements
  • Chat lock
  • App Lock
  • Auto Quick Reply
  • Scheduled Message
  • DND Mode
  • Anti Ban
  • Swipe to Reply
  • Hide Blue Tick
  • Freeze Last Seen
  • Hide Double Tick
  • Show Always offline
  • 90 MB Audio Size Limit
  • 50 MB Video Size Limit
  • Anti revoke options
  • Animated stickers Support
  • Dozens of customizable themes
  • Block calls from a specific WA Contact
  • Upload status for 7 minutes instead of 30sec
  • Data Backup Advanced Features
  • Supported for Android version above 4.4
  • High-resolution image transfer
  • And many more to come!
You have more privacy options. For example, it makes it difficult for people to know when you are using FM WhatsApp.There is no way of knowing if your data is shared with many people.
There is a new security option that helps block access to your conversation.The developers have access to your messages and this can compromise your security.
It has an anti-delete feature, which prevents the receiver from deleting your sent messages.he functions lack the speed of the original application.
It has over one thousand themes in the library, so you can choose any theme of your choice.The biggest con of this App is privacy. And the developer can view your sent and received messages. This drawback can compromise your security, and developers can spy on you.
 You can also share up to 10 images in one message.
The other disadvantage is speed. All functions work slower than the original App.

Difference between FM WhatsApp and Normal WhatsApp

FeaturesFM WhatsAppNormal WhatsApp
Highest Media Sharing✔️Cross Mark
Make audio and video calls✔️Cross Mark
View once download✔️Cross Mark
Status downloads✔️Cross Mark
Freeze last view✔️Cross Mark
Hide profile picture✔️Cross Mark
Disable blue tick mark✔️Cross Mark
Download profile picture✔️Cross Mark
Flight Mode✔️Cross Mark
Restrict callers✔️Cross Mark
Update notifications✔️Cross Mark
Change chat colour✔️Cross Mark
Change font✔️Cross Mark
Ghost Mode✔️Cross Mark
Calls without saving number✔️Cross Mark
View Status without Showing✔️Cross Mark
Send lots of media files✔️Cross Mark
Language Translation✔️Cross Mark
Anti-Ban System✔️Cross Mark
Always online✔️Cross Mark
Personalized Theme✔️Cross Mark
Enhanced security✔️Cross Mark
Share Media Original Size✔️Cross Mark

Download and Installation Guide

As you know this is a modified version of official WhatsApp and developed by developers, so it is not available on the official Google Play Store. If you want to FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download, then you can download it very easily from our website. Above we told you about some special features of FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download, now we are going to tell you about its download information which you should read very carefully so that you do not face any problem in downloading it.

Download and Installation guide
Download and Installation guide
  • Click on the Download button above:- First of all, click on the button given above so that your FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download will start,
  • Enable Installation from Unknown Sources:- Android phones, by default, cannot install apps other than the Google Play Store. Since we are FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download from the developers’ site, we need to enable ‘Installation from unknown sources’ first. To do this go to Settings > Security and enable the Unknown Installation toggle. After this, you can download any APK and install it on your Android device.
  • Install FM WhatsApp:- Now that we have enabled installation from third parties let’s install FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download. To do this, go to your download folder where you have FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download. Tap on it and tap Install. Wait for a while and the app will be installed on your phone.
  • Register Your Phone Number:- After WhatsApp is installed, you have to open it and an interface will appear in front of you in which it will ask you to enter your phone number. Just like you register your number on official WhatsApp, you have to do the same here also. Enter your phone number, after entering the phone number you will get an OTP which you have to verify, after that enter your name. Now you are ready to take advantage of all the excellent features of FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download for Android.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que- What makes FM WhatsApp a good choice?

Ans- All features are unique and different from other WhatsApp but its privacy features and customization make it a good choice for its users.

Que- Is FM WhatsApp on the Play Store?

Ans- The app is unavailable on Google Play Store, but it can be downloaded from trusted third-party websites. download FMWhatsApp from FMAPPS.IN.

Que- What is FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp?

Ans- GBWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp are advanced and customized modes of the original WhatsApp and are best suited for those who want to use two Whatsapp accounts on one device. Both are based on the WhatsApp Plus mode which was discontinued by the WhatsApp makers when they streamlined WhatsApp.

Que- What is FM WhatsApp? Is it good?

Ans- As we have discussed earlier in the article, FM Whatsapp is the modified version, which means it comes with some of the most asked features that were not present in the original version. Features related to security, privacy, and ease of access are added by the developers to make the user experience better than the official version.


FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download is an advanced feature application created by third-party developers. They have created these WhatsApp mods with the same WhatsApp source code. FM WhatsApp 19.30 Download is the favorite medium of many WhatsApp users. It has many additional features like messaging features, call features, privacy features, and customization features that can make it different from others. Since it is a third-party application it is not available on Google Play Store but you can download it from the link given above. If you want to get more information from this, then stay with our website as much as possible so that you can be the first to know about each of our articles.

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