AG2WhatsApp APK Download v36.5 Latest Version for Android (July 2024)

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Today in this article we are going to talk about AG2 WhatsApp, people like the color and style of this app, and in it, we get to see more features than normal WhatsApp which makes this app even more interesting.

In this app, you get to see a lovely lighting effect. If you use this app, then in this app you also get ready images to ban and unban the number.If you also want to take advantage of its features, then you can enjoy its fun features by clicking on the button given below.

If you are tired of using normal WhatsApp, then you should download Ag2 Whatsapp because its fun features can give you a different kind of fun. In today’s time, people like to get such features in WhatsApp. In this WhatsApp, those people like If you want to download it then you can easily download this app by clicking on the button given above and enjoy its fun features.

AG2 Whatsapp Download Information

App NameAG2WhatsApp
MODsAG1, AG2, AG3, AG4
File Size77.7 MB
SupportAndroid 4.0 and above

What is AG2WhatsApp?

AG2 WhatsApp GB is one such WhatsApp version similar to WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. In this app, we get to see various privacy features like allowing specific contacts for WhatsApp calls, hiding blue tick, second tick, viewing status, etc.

This WhatsApp comes in different versions like AG2 Blue, AG2 Pink, and AG3 WhatsApp Green. Don’t be surprised to hear this. All these apps are similar. For a better experience, you can download and use any of these apps. And you can enjoy all the features of AG2 Whatsapp. Earlier you used to see some bans in WhatsApp but in the recent update all these bans have been removed and many problems of this app have also been fixed.

AG2 How to open Whatsapp?

In today’s article, I will tell you how to open AG2 Whatsapp. Before that, open your AG2 Whatsapp on your screen, then 3 dots will appear on top of you, you will see the option of Extra Features, click on it. After doing this, you get to see the Antivirus button. After clicking on it, you get to see location viruses, document viruses, chat viruses, and many other options. After that, we come to the extra features and buttons. Where you will get to see extra features and in this, you get to see many facilities and you can open this app very easily.

Features Of AG2WhatsApp Application

In this you get to see more features than normal WhatsApp like entry, deleting messages, hiding status, sending multiple messages at once, and all the pictures which make this app even more fun. We are going to explain its features in detail.

Features Of AG2WhatsApp Application
Features Of AG2WhatsApp Application

Hide Online Status

If you download AG2WhatsApp, then you get the option to hide your online status. If you do not want to show your status to anyone, then you can also hide your status so that only the person you want to show your status can. No one else will be able to see it, this feature is available only on your AG2 Whatsapp.

Pink Theme

If you use normal WhatsApp then you do not get to see the pink theme in it. You get to see these features in AG2WhatsApp. In this app, you get to see countless themes with which you can give a new look to the wallpaper of this app. and make it exciting

Lock options

Along with this, in this app, you also get to see pattern lock which normal WhatsApp does not give us. With the help of this feature, you can also block your chats and in this, you get the option of face lock and finger lock. You can protect your chat by turning on this option, no one except you will be able to see your chat.

Share Boundless Pictures

If you share any big file with another device in normal WhatsApp then it is not able to be shared but if you are an AG2 WhatsApp user then you can share even the biggest file in this app very comfortably. When you send a picture on WhatsApp, the quality of that picture does not change, whereas in normal WhatsApp its quality decreases.

Customize Interface

AG2 Whatsapp gives you many features, and you get to modify the app to run it smoothly. So while using this app, do not forget to use the customize feature.

Strong Security

AG2 WhatsApp end-to-end encryption keeps your messages and calls completely secure. Therefore, you can send messages to your close friends or family members without any hassle.

Advanced Emojis

In this app, you will get to see new emojis every day which you can use while chatting and make your chat even more fun but in the mod version you get more emojis that express your emotions. AG2 WhatsApp remains one step ahead of the revised WhatsApp

Hide Blue Ticks

AG2 You can also hide the blue tick on WhatsApp, this option is not available to you in normal WhatsApp. If someone has messaged you and you want to see that message without him knowing, then you can see this facility in it. gets it

Voice Changer Option

In this WhatsApp, you also get to see many types of speeches in which you can have fun with your family or close friends by doing poetry which will make your WhatsApp even more entertaining.

Enhanced Chat Interface

In this app, you also get many options for using chat interface and font, which you can make this app even more fun by setting different types of themes and fonts in your WhatsApp.

Device Friendly

This app is a friendly device, you can use this app on different devices like you can use this app on IOS also.

How to download AG2Whatsapp?

After the features, we will tell you, if you are thinking about downloading this app then we will tell you about AG2 WhatsApp.

You must have reached Google Play Store to download this app but you will not find this app there. If you want to download this app then you can download this app by following our tips.

How to download AG2Whatsapp?
How to download AG2Whatsapp?
  • First Step: If you want to download this app, then you can easily download this app by clicking on the button given above and enjoy its fun features.
  • Second Step: Open Chrome browser on your device and search AG2Whatsapp in it.
  • Third Step: Then by clicking on the install button you can start the download process of this app
  • Fourth Step: When AG2 WhatsApp is downloaded on your phone, you will get a warning message which you can ignore and start the process.
  • Fifth Step: After that it will ask you to enter your number then you have to enter your number in it.
  • Sixth Step: After entering the number, an OTP will come on your device, which you have to enter on your device, after that AG2 Whatsapp will open on your screen and you will be able to enjoy its best features.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You On AG2 WhatsApp?

In today’s time, WhatsApp users have increased a lot, among which you are also one. If you say the wrong thing to someone or have a fight with him, then he blocks you on WhatsApp, so in this, let us tell you that if you have any How will you know if he blocks you?

If you want to find out, then you can solve this problem yourself by reading some of the points given by us carefully.

First step: If you want to see if someone has blocked you, then first watch the last scene of the person you suspect.

Second step: After that you can send a message to his number and see if the message is not reaching his number then you will understand that he has blocked you.

Third step: Apart from this, you can also see his DP. If you are not able to see his DP and it is visible on other devices, then you can still understand that he has blocked you.

Fourth step: Then you have to try the last method, which is that you have to add his number to a group. If that number is not added even after you add it, then it can also be a sign of blocking you. If all the things I have told you in these points happen to you, then you have been blocked by the person.


Q: How to get access to different themes in AG2WhatsApp?

Ans: To get full access to the themes in this app, you need to download the AG themes already provided in the above link. Then after installing the APK file, a huge selection of fun themes will be available to you.

Q: Is AG2WhatsApp safe or a risky app?

Ans: We do not get to see this app on Google Play Store, hence some people are pointing towards the risk of this app. On the other hand, the number of positive users of this app is increasing daily, so it is right to say that it is a grey list is up.

Q: Why doesn’t official Whatsapp provide modded features?

Ans: Needless to say, WhatsApp has expanded to reach two billion human population in this app. With such a huge target audience, one can only think of playing one’s cards wisely to protect one’s reputation and stature. For this reason, official WhatsApp versions do not provide extended features that can even be harmful. Although accepting some security risks associated with extended WhatsApp versions is considered fair, this is not always the case.

Final Words

In today’s article, we have given you complete information about AG2WhatsApp and also told you about its features. Its features attract people a lot due to which this app has become famous all over the world. If the features of this app If you want to enjoy, then you can download this app very easily by clicking on the button given above and enjoy its fun features. If you like our article, then do share it with your friends so that they can also enjoy the fun features of this app.

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