GT WhatsApp APK Download v9.95 Latest Version for Android (Checked 2024)

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In today’s article, we are going to give you complete information about GT WhatsApp in detail. GT WhatsApp is a version of normal WhatsApp in which we get to see many great features that are also very convenient to use in this WhatsApp.In today’s time, people like such apps which are full of many features. GT WhatsApp comes with all other features. In WhatsApp, you get privacy and chat typing, many types of themes, and many other types of features. Which makes this app even more fun.

GT WhatsApp brings to us the power of messaging that has changed the way we communicate, with its latest features and advanced privacy-setting-friendly options. If you also want to take advantage of its features, then you can download this app by clicking on the button given below and take advantage of its fun features.

In today’s time, the messaging app has become such a different part of daily life that it connects us with our friends and families instantly. This app has emerged as a revolutionary platform among the number of normal apps which provides us with multiple languages and security features. In today’s article, we will explore the world of GT WhatsApp and its extraordinary features, privacy settings, custom options, and answers to frequently asked questions.

GT WhatsApp Download Information

App NameGT WhatsApp
Total Downloads5,00,000 +
Current Versionv9.95
App Size82 MB
Last Updated1 day ago
CategoryMOD APK
Android VersionAndroid 4.0.0 and Above

What is GT WhatsApp?

This app is very well made in Beijing Qiyi Technology adapted version. In this app, you get to see the best features like hiding the chat, re-viewing the deleted messages, appearing when someone removes the status, and different- Different types of themes and Different types of emojis in the chat game which makes this app even more interesting.

Apart from this, you get the facility to lock in this app. You can also lock your chat with this facility or you can also pattern lock your GT WhatsApp. In this, you get a pattern lock, smart lock, and finger lock. You can also see the option of Lock. Due to some reason, you cannot see this app on Google Play Store. This app is available only for Android devices. You cannot run this app on iOS or Windows.

GT WhatsApp provides three times more facilities than normal WhatsApp, in this, we can share large files with others whereas in normal WhatsApp you cannot do this and if you send a photo to your friend, there is some change in its quality. GT WhatsApp is full of some great features.

Features of GT WhatsApp

As I told you above in this app you get to see countless features that make this app even more fun. If you also want to download this app, then download this app by clicking on the button given by us above. If we talk about the features of this app, we get to see many features in it like sending funny emojis while chatting, gaming, anti-deleting messages viewing deleted statuses again, and sending multiple messages simultaneously. We are going to tell you in detail about all the features.

Features of GT WhatsApp
Features of GT WhatsApp

Share High-Quality Content

When you take your best photo and send that photo to WhatsApp on your mobile the quality of that photo decreases which makes you more disappointed but if you are a GT WhatsApp user then you do not need to worry because The app shares the best photos in full HD quality which also inspires people immensely.

Edit your Content

This app also allows you to get the editing benefits of using a third party like Kanemaster Gold to maintain the quality of your content. No need to compress the normal quality and share the unique attraction content with your friends and families. You won’t have to. Additionally, you can also pre-download the content before downloading it.

Limitless Sharing

Normal WhatsApp allows you to share videos up to 30 MB, due to which only a few videos are available to you and you get worried about the videos, but if you are a GT WhatsApp user then you do not need to worry because this app. You can send large videos and files to other devices in a very easy way.

Dual Accounts

If you download any other mod of WhatsApp then it asks to uninstall normal WhatsApp but if you download GT WhatsApp then you do not need to uninstall anything, just enter a number with which you can run this app. Want to run it on a single device and enjoy its fun features

Customize the App

Any change to this app is possible for even skilled and novice users. You can also customize the size, font colour, wallpapers themes, chat games, etc. of this app and then enjoy it.

Change your Background

In this app, you are provided with unique and entertainment themes which make this app even more fun. You can change these themes daily and enjoy them by setting them on your wallpaper.

Recovery of Deleted Messages

In normal WhatsApp, you cannot restore your backup but if you are a GT WhatsApp user then you can restore all your backup in a single click, it depends on your phone.

Message Scheduler

In GT WhatsApp, you can also run a schedule of messages so that you can connect with your friends and families even in your worst situation. This schedule helps you with many features like sending birthday wishes, a reminder to send auspicious messages etc. In this, you type your wish or auspicious event and then set its time and date. Then forget about the delivery as it automatically delivers your message to the required person on the time and date.

Increased Characters for Status

You sometimes want to type your words on status but it limits us to 139 words if you are GT WhatsApp user then you do not need to worry because this WhatsApp allows you to enjoy the number of 250 words. Allows you to write your own words on your status in the best possible way. Apart from this, you can also view the status of others very comfortably while chatting with your friends.

Hiding Features

In GT WhatsApp, you can turn off the last seen option so that your last seen will not be visible. Along with this, in this app, you can also hide the blue or double tick. If you want to see someone’s message, then you can do it without him knowing. You can see that message very easily, apart from this you can also turn off the forward option so that now you can forward the message to others without anyone knowing.

How to download GT WhatsApp?

Seeing the features mentioned by us, you might be thinking about downloading GT WhatsApp, then for your information, let me tell you that this app is not available on the Google Play Store. If you want to download this app then Read some of the points given by us carefully, then you can download this app and enjoy its fun features.

  • Before you open Chrome browser on your device.
  • After this, search for GT WhatsApp, and then you will get the option to download GT WhatsApp.
  • Then you can start the downloading process by clicking on the download option. You will have to wait until this process is completed.
  • Then when GT WhatsApp is completely downloaded on your device, open it, then enter your phone number with which you want to run this app, after that you can enjoy the fun features of this app.
How to download GT WhatsApp?
How to download GT WhatsApp?

Apart from this, the second and easiest way to download this app is that by clicking on the button given by us above, you can download this app very easily and enjoy its fun features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is GT WhatsApp safe to use?

Ans: Yes, WhatsApp is completely safe, however, we need to download this app from Chrome browser to avoid any security risks.

Q: Can I use GT WhatsApp alongside the original WhatsApp?

Ans: If you want to use both GT WhatsApp and normal WhatsApp simultaneously, then unfortunately this is not possible because you have to have both WhatsApp running on the same device.

Q: Can I transfer my chat history from the original Whatsapp to GT Whatsapp?

Ans: Yes, GT WhatsApp also provides the option to import chat history from normal WhatsApp at the time of installation.

Q: Are there any subscription fees for GT Whatsapp?

Ans: No, GT does not charge any fee to download and use WhatsApp, you get this app completely free.

Q: Does GT Whatsapp support video calls?

Ans: Yes GT fully supports WhatsApp video calls so you can have a one-on-one conversation with any of your close friends or members.

Q: Can I use GT Whatsapp on my iPhone?

Ans: No, GT WhatsApp is only for Android users, you cannot run this app on iPhone.

Final Words

Overall, GT WhatsApp recovers your deleted messages and also helps in hiding status. Compared to other models, it offers many amazing and countless features without any hassle of being restricted by normal apps.GT WhatsApp To keep your device safe from viruses and malware, always download the APK file from a trusted source. In this, you get all the modified features that the users require for ease and entertainment.

So in today’s article, we have given you complete information about GT WhatsApp. We have also told you about its features in a very good way and have also written some suggestions that you may need if you download this app. If you want to do this, then you can download this app very easily by clicking on the button given above and enjoying its fun features. If you liked this article done by us, then you can share it with your friends. So that he can also enjoy the countless features of GT WhatsApp.

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